Creating and managing catalogs

Catalogs allow publishers to specify any number of merchants whose data they want returned in API results. The account’s default catalog also determines the products available in the Curate for PopShops tool.

To Add Merchants to a Catalog

Please navigate to the API v3.0 “Manage Catalogs” page and select the catalog you wish to edit. If you would like to update the catalog which powers Curate for PopShops, look for the catalog that has the blue Curate sticker and hit Edit or click through directly from the Curate drop-down menu by selecting “Curate Catalog”.

Here, you can add or delete merchants from the catalog. You can find merchants by entering a merchant name into the search box or utilizing any of the drop-down filters. When you find the merchant program you wish to add, click on the check boxes to the left. Please note, the Products box must be selected in order for that merchant’s products to be available in Curate for PopShops. Once selected, it will take up to an hour for that merchant’s products to appear in Curate. There is a longer processing time of up to a day for data to be returned in API results once a merchant is added.