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Welcome. Here are some commonly asked questions that we receive. Please e-mail any other merchant-related questions to

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1. Why join Rakuten PopShops?

Rakuten PopShops is the largest database of affiliate products and coupons on the Internet used by some of the most successful affiliates in the industry and a healthy long-tail of tens of thousands as well. There are over 4000 merchants participating in Rakuten PopShops.

Many publishers won't work with merchants who are not accessible through Rakuten PopShops. When you're listed on Rakuten PopShops, you are in the consideration set for most affiliates.

  • Rakuten PopShops makes your data feeds more usable. Publishers will easily find your products and be able to promote them on their sites using our storefront building tool ShopBuilder. Rakuten PopShops API enables your publishers to easily include your products in price-comparison search results.
  • Publishers keep 100% of the their commissions.
  • Rakuten PopShops integrates your data feed at no cost to you (FREE)
  • Rakuten PopShops does not interfere between your relationship between you, affiliate network, and the publisher.
  • Only active publishers that are approved into your affiliate program can monetize with your products. Links track as they normally do. Tracking stays within affiliate network and your program.

Rakuten PopShops is where affiliates go to find niche products for their websites and blogs. When you're listed on Rakuten PopShops, your affiliates have a simple, drag-and-drop and additional tools that they can use to interact with your product and coupon datafeed in new ways. Your affiliates can create widgets for blogs like TypePad and Blogger, build custom showcases, storefronts, and more. It boils down to this: by having your product and coupon feed within Rakuten PopShops, affiliates are able to fill their niche sites with your content dynamically.

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2. How can my program join Rakuten PopShops?

To add your program in Rakuten PopShops please send an e-mail to letting us know that you'd like to be listed on Rakuten PopShops. Please include your site name and affiliate network and a link to your affiliate program page with the network. We will apply to your program (or you can push us an offer with certain networks). Once we're in and our request has been approved (if applicable), our team will QA your product and coupon feeds, and you'll be up and running shortly.

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3. Does it cost anything?

No, it costs nothing to have your products and coupons listed on Rakuten PopShops, and we don't take commissions or percentages of your affiliates' sales. You do, however, need a product or coupon datafeed and a relationship with an affiliate network.

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4. I don't work with a network. What are my options?

Rakuten Popshops provides content for Advertisers that are associated with an existing affiliate network.

We encourage you to contact Rakuten LinkShare, they are a resource that may be able help you get your feed on Rakuten PopShops quickly.

We work with most major networks.

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5. How do affiliate networks join Rakuten PopShops?

Send an e-mail to and let your network representative know that you want to work with us. We'll try to make it happen.

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6. How can I encourage my affiliates to promote my products and coupons in Rakuten PopShops?

Here are a few ideas: newsletters, forums, forum signatures, and other correspondence (we recently saw an auto-response that mentioned us!)--we're happy to supply an informative blurb for you to pass on. We can also set you up with customized demo pages that display your site's products and also offer your affiliates creating a new account with Rakuten PopShops an exclusive discount with Rakuten PopShops. Please contact our merchant support team to learn more.

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7. Can I advertise within Rakuten PopShops?

So that we can be a neutral third party, Rakuten PopShops does not accept advertising from merchants. If you want to reach the thousands of affiliates who use Rakuten PopShops, however, consider incentives like coupons, contests, or other special offers. We are happy to let our users know about any programs or offers that are exclusive to them.