List networks

List all affiliate networks within Rakuten PopShops.

Request URL


Response formats


Required request parameters

Parameter name Type Kind Allowed values Default value Description
account account Your API account key. You can find this on your API keys account page.

Optional request parameters


Response results

Node Attribute Kind Data Type Description
networks Contains all individual affiliate networks
count count integer A count of available affiliate networks
network Contains attributes for a specific affiliate network
id primary_key integer A unique identifier for the network. This can be used in certain API calls to filter by affiliate network.
name display string The name of the affiliate network

Sample response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response status="200" message="ok">
    <networks count="12">
      <network name="AvantLink" id="14"></network>
      <network name="Google Affiliate Network" id="5"></network>
      <network name="Commission Junction" id="2"></network>
      <network name="LinkShare" id="4"></network>

           "count": 12,
                   "name": "AvantLink",
                   "id": 14
                   "name": "Google Affiliate Network",
                   "id": 5
   "status": 200,
   "message": "ok"