Welcome to API v3.0

Since 2006, Popshops has allowed publishers, bloggers and other companies to add e-commerce functionality to their Web sites, earning affiliate revenue in the process. Ten years later, we are excited to continue our mission to help power your ability to promote a variety of products and deals through our robust API service. Creating a customized, personalized shopping experience for your visitors, is a top priority.

We will be retiring the v2.0 API and will require clients to upgrade all calls to API v3.0 specs. API v3.0 introduces a new way of looking at information in the affiliate space to help support real world comparison shopping and product searching. The new API will also:
  • Offer more relevant and richer data
  • Allow access to newly integrated Advertisers
  • Provide a much cleaner approach to building a comparison site through improved product matching and all products classified to a common taxonomy
  • Allow direct searches for unique identifiers (i.e. UPC, GTIN, etc.)
  • Provide standardized response structures for both XML & JSON responses
  • Faster response times
  • And more…
Please review our supporting documentation for more details http://www.popshops.com/support/api-3-new-features.

Common Questions

When will I need to upgrade?

The v2.0 API will retire June 24th, 2016. How do I know if I’m using the v2.0 API on my website? When you check the API calls you have running on your website, look for “v2” in the XML file. It will look like this:


If you locate any calls with “v2” in the XML file, you will need to replace the call with a new one from the v3.0 API.

Please note: Simply replacing “v2” with “v3” in the xml file will not properly update the API call.

Where do I get the new API v3.0 specs?

Share this guide with your developer: What’s New in API v3.0.

Do I need to do anything else?

Yes! Since every company implements the API in its own unique way, your team will need to update your API call structure to accommodate the above API v3.0 specs.

Once you’ve made the changes and have QA’d the results, please press the COMPLETED button within your Popshops dashboard.

What changes will I see in my dashboard?

Our team will work closely with you to ensure the transition process is smooth. You will see the below changes in your dashboard:
  • New API v3.0 Account - A new API v3.0 account has been created for you and made available for your developer’s use.
  • Merchant Catalog - Your Merchant Catalog has been duplicated within your new API v3.0 account, so you don’t have to re-create it. If you wish to add new merchants to your API v3.0 list, you are free to do so.
  • Upgrade Complete Submission Button - Once you’ve made the changes and have QA’d the results, please press the “I’m Finished” button within your Popshops dashboard.
If your developer has any questions, please contact support@popshops.com.